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   With now over 30 years of home-building experience, he has crafted the walls that hold the memories, love and laughter for dozens of families. Homes that people are so very proud of that will be passed along for generations to come...

Glade Wall never struggled with the question of what he would do with his life ― he was born to be a builder.


His Kindergarten class had tools, and instead of games or coloring with the other children, he’d find himself tinkering and building things in class. Inspired, he went home and used scrap lumber to build a little boat. His dad took him to test it out but it wouldn’t float, even in the Great Salt Lake!  He had some learning to do…. but at the age of 5, his interest and passion began.

At 16, he built a workshop so he’d have a place to practice his skill. Nearly 50 years later, it is still in use. His passion was apparent and he earned himself a scholarship to go to college and further his education. In 1989 he got his contracting license and has been designing, building and making dreams come true ever since. 

Glade Wall of Denali Construction - Utah's best log cabin builders
Custom log cabin built by Denali Construction

Glade has built many things, many homes, and has done many random construction projects. If you can dream it, he can build it. However, he found a favorite thing to build and through the construction of dozens of log homes, he has become an expert in his industry.

His love for cabins really blossomed in 2003 when his wife and the mother of his 3 beautiful children wanted him to build her the home of her dreams.

Together they planned and designed a beautiful cabin in Heber City Utah. They put in blood, sweat and tears and through a labor of love built a home to raise their family. Through tragedy and loss, Glade found himself a widower and a single Dad. He had to navigate pain, raising the kids, running his business himself, and juggling more plates than he could handle. 

One day, in the midst of this challenging life season, Glade’s youngest daughter Sarah received an A+ grade on her spelling test. Her sweet teacher Tandi told her she was very proud and that she should take it home and show her mommy and daddy. Sarah replied, “I can’t show my mommy because she lives in heaven, but YOU CAN BE MY MOMMY!”


Being a single mom of her own 4 kids, Tandi’s heart just melted at Sarah’s words. Thus began a love for a family and a man who needed joy and a help mate. They became a big family, like the Brady Bunch. Their family was so big, that Glade had to custom build them a dining table with the construction right in the kitchen because it couldn’t fit in the house otherwise. Once again, the house was full of love and laughter.

Glad and Tandi Wall
Glade and Tandi Wall wedding

Six months later, Tandi and Glade were married then set off for a honeymoon in Fiji.


They had a picture-perfect week on an island that reminded Tandi of Gilligan’s Island. They laughed with the sand between their toes. Glade shared the joys of his favorite hobby, scuba diving with Tandi and they stayed in a grass thatched hut.


Unfortunately, their carefree time came to an end with a dinner of freshly caught fish. The fish had a toxin that once consumed forever resides in the cells of the person who ate it. Within hours, Tandi became extremely ill with Ciguatera poisoning, a sickness that has led to times of being bedridden, many surgeries, and has nearly taken her life several times.

The new family had to learn the depths of love and the meanings of “for better or for worse and through sickness and in health.” But if Glade and the Wall family have anything, they have a whole lotta love.

Over a decade later, the poison still lives in her body but she has had a lot of healing and has learned to ways to cope and strengthen her body. They have become advocates for Ciguatera awareness and have dedicated their lives to educating others, hoping Tandi's story can lead to prevention and saving lives.


Denali Construction has partnered with organizations that support Ciguatera research and awareness. So when you partner with Denali and you get the home of your dreams, you aren't paying into some huge corporation, you’re supporting a real family, a home full of love and organizations that help people.

Today, Glade and Tandi’s seven children are grown. With sons and daughters-in-law, they are Mamma T and Pop to 14 plus 3 Grandchildren and likely many more to come…Glade is going to once again need to figure out how to build a bigger table.


With now over 30 years of home-building experience, he has crafted the walls that hold the memories, love and laughter for dozens of families. Homes that people are so very proud of that will be passed along for generations to come.

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When choosing the right builder for your home, you have many choices.  There are bigger businesses, there are fancy options with commercials and big signs. Denali construction is unique because the business is real.


Anyone who knows Glade will tell you of the character attributes that make him a good man. He is hard-working, honest, full of integrity, and committed to anything he puts his hands to.


Tandi is one of the brightest lights and the kindest people you’ll ever know. She carries with her a contagious energy of joy that sticks on anyone she encounters.


With Glades skill in building and Tandi’s kind soul in managing the business, they are a power couple whose work ethic greatly impacts the homes they build.

When hiring Denali Construction, you hire real, down-to-earth people, real talent, real commitment and real dedication to hard work. You hire people you can trust and be proud to call not just your home builders, but your friends that feel like family.

"Turning dreams into reality - since 1989."

Denali Construction - log cabin builders in Utah
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